Galactic Minerals | MARNITE® – 100% Natural Multi-Mineral Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient / Substance (API/S)
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Galactic Minerals is the Producer and IP holder of the Marnite® product, an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient and Substance providing bioactive MAGNESIUM and CALCIUM in perfect ratio of 1:2.


Galactic Minerals, through its holding company, has direct control over the natural proven reserve of Marnite®.


Galactic Minerals’ main goal is to provide solutions for the pharmaceutical and environmental challenges that should and can be solved with the use of a one hundred percent natural product, with no religious and/or dietary boundaries.


Galactic Minerals’ main focus is to market and distribute Marnite® worldwide as an API/APS for pharmaceutical use as well as provide the required IP, Process and Product for AMD water neutralisation.

Environmental Mission

Galactic Minerals’ environmental mission and goal is to perfect its already existing IP and Process IP in the neutralisation of Acid Mine Drainage water and separation of all heavy metals out of these waters without adding solids to the water and without creating slime dumps that create future environmental maintenance, demands and contamination disasters in the mining of Gold and Coal industry.

Social Mission

Galactic Minerals’ social mission is to provide the children of the world, and especially Africa’s malnutrition children, with mineral enriched fortified food products to meet the required nutritional demand for healthy living. Galactic had developed the Forty Food Range that includes various options for different ages and a delicious biscuit with a long shelf life, that contains the total daily required minerals and vitamins for a child.

Galactic Minerals Solutions

Various research projects and tests were undertaken over several years to prove the amazing composition and ability of Marnite®, that ended in the registration of Marnite® in the pharmaceutical industry as an API/APS and the future of Marnite® in other industries.

Base ingredient / Substance in
the Animal Feed Industry
Base ingredient / Substance in
the Plant Nutrition Industry
Sports Nutrition
Mineral Fortification
of Identified Foods
Base ingredient / Substance in
the Cosmetic Industry
Natural slow release